Funfetti Popcorn Mix (Dye Free)

What better way to celebrate a 2nd birthday than with sprinkles?! Our daughter’s very first friend, Zoe, turned two today and we just had to make a fun treat to take to her party! When it comes to kids’ birthdays, I’m a big fan of treats that aren’t loaded with sugar or artificial junk. I […]

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Caramel Soaked Cake with Burnt Caramel French Buttercream

  I’ve been baking (and now posting!) again. It’s glorious!  Between a new baby and a major house remodel this year, my kitchen (and energy levels) were a bit out of sorts. I’m happy to say that my new kitchen is gorgeous and 90% finished. I am busy at work breaking it in! For some […]


Lemon Ricotta Fritters w/ Berry Compote

  When my mom comes to visit, we cook. Can’t help it. Actually come to think of it, it doesn’t matter where we are there is always good food around. I have to admit, when my mom is in my kitchen – I feel like an amateur. I always learn a new trick or two […]


Double Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

These double chocolate hazelnut cookies are the perfect pick-me-up!  A close friend of mine was having a tough week, so I whipped up a batch and mailed them to her.  Apparently more than a few were crushed in transit, but she said they made the perfect topping for ice cream! If you use the wheat […]


Moist Chocolate Cupcakes & Vanilla Bean Buttercream

When I bake for a special occasion, it’s rare that I try out a completely new recipe. Normally I like to play it a little safe and make something I know is going to turn out. But I was still on the hunt for the perfect chocolate cupcake recipe after making several that weren’t chocolatey […]

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3 Ingredient Ice Cream: Banana, Coconut & Vanilla!

    If there’s one thing that is frustrating to give up when you’re pregnant it’s ice cream. Am I Right?  Ladies? Yeah, torture. Since avoiding excess carbs and sugar, I’ve had to get really creative to still get my sweet fix. Especially now that we’ve skipped spring in the South and headed straight for […]


Cranberry Flax Crunch Cookies

Healthy cookies that taste great….it’s a tough challenge.  The key is to balance the ingredients and use just enough of each to give them flavor, without lots of added sugar and carbs. If it’s not totally obvious, I have a sweet tooth. Deprive me of goodies completely and I’m not a happy girl – especially […]


Creamy Jalapeño & Chive Hummus

Eating healthy is always on our list of priorities, but it’s even more important now that I’m carrying a tiny human to feed. I’ve been following 101 Cookbooks, an inventive natural food blog for several years, but always felt the ingredients were something you had to have a Whole Foods budget or a California market […]


Peach Blueberry Buckle

The only thing that can make great coffee better is an awesome baked good to go alongside it. Jason and I have been huge fans of the caramellato at Octane Coffee in Atlanta since before we moved here. Their main location is walking distance of his office and it’s a fun funky place and these […]


Hot Chocolate on a Stick with Homemade Marshmallows

People ask you also sorts of questions when you are pregnant but the recent favorite is about what I’m craving.  I haven’t had too many strange midnight snacks… the weirdest was that I wanted mini marshmallows, uh….frozen.  (You should totally try it, hubby liked them too).  A close second to that is chocolate and anything […]