Reading the title, you probably thought I was talking about a pork buffet, but I’m really referring to plants here… Succulents! These are hardy little guys that can live without much water or maintenance (i.e. my kind of plant).  Just don’t leave them out in freezing temps or extreme shade and you are good to go!

The best part about them is they are SO easy propagate.  My first succulent came from a window box in the “horseshoe” on USC campus. I broke off a small piece, came home and stuck it in the dirt and it has turned into this over the last 4 years:

Since then my sweet hubs will surprise me with a new plant during a Lowe’s/Home Depot adventure. Mom and I swapped a couple of plants and recently my sister in law Jenna graciously shared some new species from her collection with me. Then, I gathered up a few more that were growing wild at Jason’s mom and dad’s new place (aka the Beaird Ranch).

All these new guys needed a good home, so I grabbed some Miracle Grow Citrus, Palm and Cactus soil and I fixed up some pots I had laying around.  A few years ago I snagged these beauts at a community garage sale for a buck a piece. They were pastel, one baby blue, one lime green and one pale yellow. Always intending to paint them, I grabbed a can of Rustoleum Painters Touch in a dark navy blue.  Here is the final product:

I am thrilled with how they turned out and I can’t wait for the plants to grow up so I can share my collection with others.

Someday soon, I will catalog each of the species growing in here and share that with you too!