Welcome to The Bake Cakery, personal blog of Amy Beaird. I am a frugal, little bit hippy, uber organized, baked good making, research engineer. Dinner parties, sunsets, walks on the beach, and snuggling babies/furry critters are some of my pastimes. I celebrate efficiency, unexpected flavors and subtle humor.

My hubs, Jason, inspires me to pursue what I love and encourages me to forgo symmetry every once in a while. We love to travel, dream, and tackle home improvement projects together.

I grew up in Vero Beach, FL deep-sea fishing with my mom and dad, catching lizards with my sis and running around barefoot most of the time. My mom spoiled us with homecooked awesomeness and taught us more about delicious food than she realized.

My passion for cooking came about when I left home to start my degree in Chemical Engineering. Without mom there to cook for me, canned corn and lipton noodles got old fast.  I began experimenting with cooking and baking and had a lot of intuition thanks to mom. (Although, my very first cake came out of the oven as a volcano! Burnt on the outside and raw in the middle… I blame it on a super hot oven.)

Cooking and “Amy Art” as it is known by my fam,  are my two current creative outlets.  I love making people smile and turning ordinary items into cherished keepsakes.

I recently finished my PhD research on hydrogen storage and I’m passionate about contributing to a solution for our growing energy concerns. I love a good challenge and this is definitely one without a clear solution that we all face.

Getting outdoors and growing things also excite me.  What’s life without the sunshine, a hammock and fresh veggies.

This blog, as you can tell, is all about things that put a big smile on my face.  I hope that by sharing, they put one on yours too!