Banana Icecream



If there’s one thing that is frustrating to give up when you’re pregnant it’s ice cream. Am I Right?  Ladies? Yeah, torture. Since avoiding excess carbs and sugar, I’ve had to get really creative to still get my sweet fix. Especially now that we’ve skipped spring in the South and headed straight for summer temps.

Inspired by two simple recipes, I created a creamy satisfying Sunday afternoon Sundae for Jason and I using 3 ingredients: Frozen bananas, coconut milk and homemade vanilla extract. (You could skip the vanilla, but it just has a great richness that adds to the “ice cream” taste).

If it weren’t for my Pinterest addiction, I would have never known that you could whip frozen banana chunks into cold a cold creamy dream. Top it with some whipped coconut cream and you have a dairy, sugar and definitely guilt free dessert! This would be very satisfying for folks with a dairy allergy too.