People ask you also sorts of questions when you are pregnant but the recent favorite is about what I’m craving.  I haven’t had too many strange midnight snacks… the weirdest was that I wanted mini marshmallows, uh….frozen.  (You should totally try it, hubby liked them too).  A close second to that is chocolate and anything with cheese or carbs.  I know it sounds like I’m in junk food heaven but I’ve actually been eating tons of leafy greens, lean proteins and fruit for the most part.

Anyway, back to marshmallows.  I have been wanting to make them from scratch for a long time, but I had filed them away as one of those difficult recipes that you should only attempt when you have extra patience.  To my surprise, they are actually relatively easy if you have the right tools!  I came across these cute snowflake shaped ones and thought they would make a perfect topping to Hot Chocolate on a Stick which I first discovered on Pinterest, my new favorite source of inspiration.

We have a recent Christmas tradition of only getting gifts for the kids, so I thought Hot Chocolate on a Stick would be a fun inexpensive surprise for the adults. I wrapped them up in twos in cute gift packaging  and printed up some little personalized labels to go along with them! I also put instructions on the back to heat up 8 oz of milk and stir in the stick for almost instant hot chocolate. Aren’t they fun?!

 Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Here is the recipe if you want to make up a batch yourself!

I learned that you should always make a few extra in case the kids want to enjoy some too….

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows