You guys and gals are long overdue for an update.  I haven’t stopped blogging, and no Martha Stewart did not put out a gag order to stop me from “fixing” her recipe.  Sometimes life gets in the way of the plans we make and although its not always fun, I grow a lot in these times.

Two weekends ago my sweet “Maw Maw” had a severe stroke.  I got in the car and drove the 7 hours to sit with her and hold her one functioning hand in the hospital.  Its always tough to see the people you love go through something like this, but I am so glad that she is recovering.  We are hopeful that over the next few months with speech, occupational and physical therapy that she will regain her mobility again.  She has a big heart and a strong spirit and although its difficult, she reminds me that I have a lot to learn and even more to be thankful for.  At 86, she has fought through health complications before and she isn’t giving up this time.

After I got home, Jason and I decided to whip up these handmade cards to send her as a pick me up.

I will be posting more projects soon and, of course, I still owe you the still-tasty-but-not-1000-calorie version of Martha’s tart. In the meantime, please say a prayer for my grandma.