I have this crazy dream, a daydream I guess you might say, of buying a rundown old property in Florida and restoring into a Bed & Breakfast. I recently bought a book on how to run/open/manage a B&B just to satisfy my curiosity.  The main premise in the book is that you shouldn’t rely on the B&B for your main income.  People also say that old homes are money pits.  I’ve also heard if you want to operate a B&B you should do it after the kids are grown and not have any pets.  We haven’t even started a family yet and I couldn’t imagine living without a fluffball to snuggle with.

Even with all the doubts and naysayers, I can’t get the idea out of my head.  I guess the B&B I have in my minds eye just puts so many of my passions and talents to good work (except that whole chemical engineering phd thing…heh).

I often wonder if it could be a process… I work for 20 years in research and then we purchase our getaway. Will I be too tired then?  Or could we buy a place soon and while we’re working at our day jobs, spend many years renovating it with the intention of making it into a B&B later?  I don’t want to just buy something – I want to rehab it and bring it back to its 100 year old glory.  I want decorate each room with a purpose and a vision,  to do it all on a budget, and blog about it all the while.  I want it to have an organic garden and fruit trees that we harvest from for breakfast.  I want it to have a compost bin, some rain barrels and energy saving windows. (Jason really wants double flush toilets.) Like I said, tough for me to get it off the brain.

Scouring realtor.com and using the advance search feature to look for 51+ year old places for sale has only made me want to do it more.  Although, admittedly, I went into a few places that I liked on the internet and they are in oh-so-much-worse shape when you see them in person.  Here are a few I’m drooling over right now (click the links to see more photos):

Classic style, built in 1903, 4500 sq. ft., in Tampa, FL

Spanish style, built in 1920’s, 4291 sq. ft (including guest houses!), in West Palm Beach, FL

Victorian, built in 1910, 4300 sq. ft, near the water, in St. Petersburg, FL