Jason and I don’t have kids yet. Well that’s not technically true we have one – Ms. Abbygellers Princess Fuzz Bucket herself (Abby for short). But you probably can’t see her…she has invisible superpowers.

But you know what I mean, the sweet bald drooling kind that cuddle and suck on their toes.  So you can imagine our excitement when last year at Thanksgiving both of my sister in-laws announced that they were pregnant!  Fast forward to the end of June/beginning of July this year and we have THE most adorable nephew, Vince (Vbear) and niece, Alice – just 9 days apart!

Told you they were cute!  So what is a new aunt to do other than spoil and snuggle them as much as possible?  I had been collecting diapers and other baby goodies as part of my weekly coupon shopping so I put together a basket for each babe.  I wanted to add a personal touch and I got inspired to make a decorative wooden letter for their nurseries.  Using two coordinating scrapbook papers (blues and browns for baby V and purples and yellows for Ms. Alice), I outlined and cut out the paper to exactly cover the letter and glued it on.  Then I just let it dry overnight. Here is the final product:

And what they look like in the nurseries!

Alice’s room has clean lines and modern crisp furniture. Vince has a nautical themed nursery with lots of fun colors (aren’t those capiz mobiles awesome!). I am so thrilled that they each have a little something in their rooms from Aunt Amy and I can’t wait to spoil them some more!