We are not huge coffee drinkers in our house, but when we have a cup we want flavor!  Both Jason and I have tried not to rely on coffee to wake us up everyday but we love to enjoy it as a special treat.  After a family meal at Jason’s sister’s house, she offered us a cup and we both declined until we smelled theirs brewing. She made us each a cup in her Keurig machine that we really enjoyed.  After we got home I did a little research and we got one for our kitchen… Isn’t she perdy?

We opted for the most basic Keurig model (Keurig Mini B30). Price was a major factor (we only paid $41.99+tax) and its very simple. What we are missing are fancy features of the more expensive models. No water reservoir, no variable water volume size, no lighted digital display. To us, those “features” weren’t worth the extra $100+ hike in price. We can still brew the same K-cups in less than 3 minutes have a yummy cup of coffee. Considering that our average trip to Starbucks is $6-8, we make our money back by home-brewing 11-12 cups. Although at the rate we are going, we may just become every-day coffee drinkers now, which messes up my math.

I did a price comparison for single serve K-cups shows which shows that the average is around 55¢/cup if you grab it off the shelf. If you want an everyday discount, buy from Amazon or Sam’s club in bulk. The only problem is you don’t get much variety. Keep your eyes peeled for a sale at Kohl’s if you have their store card, or the office supply stores for the lowest price with a coupon. The best price I can find right now is 33¢ per cup at Kohl’s so I will grab a few packs and hunt for a better discount in the mean time. So far, we’ve tried Newman’s Own Organic Extra Bold and its delicious… but maybe a little too bold for us.  The nice thing about the small packs is that you aren’t stuck with any one flavor for too long!

Store Quantity Price Price Per Cup Other Considerations
Amazon 50 pk $21-$23 42-46¢ Free shipping over $25
Sam’s Club 80 pk $33.98 42¢ Large pack, less variety
Kohl’s 18 pk $9.99 55¢ (or 33¢ w/coupon) Best price with a 30% coupon
Office Depot 18 pk $9.99 55¢ (36¢ w/coupon) Good price with a $10 off $25 coupon
Staples 18 pk $9.99 55¢ Lots to choose from
Target 108 pk $59.99 55¢ Huge pack, no savings, may have a better price in the store
Publix 12 pk $5.99 50¢ (41¢ w/coupon) $1 printable coupon
Bed Bath & Beyond 18 pk $9.99 55¢ (44¢ w/coupon) Lots of variety, 20% in-store coupon

I plan to consider some other money-saving options such as this fill your own K-cup, but I have a feeling the convenience of the already portioned packs might be worth the money! Also, I haven’t done the analysis but I’m thinking this little guy saves you energy since it doesn’t have to keep a large pot of coffee warm.

Stay tuned for an update after we have used it for a couple months!